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Credit Card Reader For Android – 10 Best in 2021

credit card reader for android
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To take the business to the next level or to be more specific, a business with cash only to cashless, credit card reader plays an important role. Credit card readers assist in making sales on the go, even on the sales floor, or for that matter anywhere you want to do the business. Not all mobile credit card readers for android are very advanced. Some are useful to read only the credit cards while some can also be connected to the POS software.

Mobile credit card reader

A credit card reader for phone is a kind of electronic device that connects to the mPOS system to perform a transaction through credit or debit cards. The basic credit card reader lets the user swipe only cards to accept payments. The devices that have high functioning features accept EMV that is chip cards and NFC that is contactless payments also.

Choosing A Credit Card Reader For Android

credit card reader for android

Selecting an appropriate credit card reader for android is possible only after proper research and analysis. As every card reader has peculiar features such as rates, fees, terms, and conditions. But there are some features that should be always kept in mind while selecting the card reader:

  • Pricing Model
  • Additional fees
  • Contract terms & services
  • EMV compliant card readers
  • NFC enabled card readers
  • Third-party integrations
  • Reporting

Best credit card reader for Android

Credit card readers for small businesses can be determined on the basis of the requirements, specifications, priorities, and needs of the business. There are innumerable credit card processors and mobile credit card processing companies available. Some of the best picks are listed below:

1. Paypal App

This application and credit card swiper for android phones is very popular amongst individuals as well as a businessman. The application provides competitive rates and also there are no monthly minimums or monthly account maintenance fees. After signing up for Paypal’s merchant processing services, the customer receives a point of sale app, PayPal chip, and swipe reader.

credit card scanner android

All these items are free of cost. The other hardware options that are available are Tap reader and Paypal chip that also accepts contactless cards, chip, magstripe, and other mobile payment options. The rates for Paypal are priced according to the card-present transactions. Rates are higher for card-not-present transactions.

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2. Square Reader

The square reader is one of the best portable credit card readers and provides a comparatively lower rate with no contracts and no fees. Also, a credit card swiper is provided free of cost with every registered account. The unique feature of the square reader is that it has universal charges for all types of cards. So even if the customer uses any kind of card such as corporate, rewards, credit, or debit card, the charges would be the same.

credit card reader for phone

After registering for Square reader, a payment application that is a point of sale software is installed free of cost. This POS is known as Square Point of Sale. The card swiper is free of cost, but the user would have to purchase the additional hardware options such as Square contactless, EMV chips, Chip reader for contactless payments.

Square is believed to be the first choice for users who require user-friendly, affordable, and quick means to accept payments on the go.

Square rates for card-present transactions and card-not-present transactions are different. The rates for card-not-present transactions are comparatively higher. The money is deposited in one or two business days. Square offers encryption and high-end security protection. Thus making it safe and secure for your information as well as money.

3. SumUp

This mobile credit card reader works efficiently with iOS. However, it provides its best of the services for Android as well. The most beneficial service by the credit card reader for android is the pay-as-you-go service. Also, the account can be closed at any point in time with zero cancellation fees. The card reader is highly cost-efficient with no setup fees and no hidden cost.

samsung credit card reader

The credit card reader accepts payments through contactless credit cards, debit cards, chips, magstripe, etc. Payments through mobile wallets such as Google Pay and shipping on NFC or EMV credit card reader is also possible easily. The per-transaction fees charged is very low and cost-efficient. There are no other fees such as gateway fees, PCI compliance fees, statement fees, maintenance fees, etc.

4. GoPayment

This is one of a kind of mobile app that accepts payment and processes from any payment type such as cheques, cash, PayPal. This payment then syncs with the Quickbooks account and delivers solutions to both desktop and mobile users and the user can then accept payments through an online website or even in person.

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Go Payment is a credit card reader for phone which gets aligned with Quickbooks sales and accounting software. It is mandatory to use QuickBooks Account for GoPayment card reader and that turns to be the greatest advantage and a lot of benefits can be derived through it.

credit card swiper for android phones

In this way, with the integration, the other features such as managing payroll, sales, inventory, and other functions make it easier. The transactions through GoPayment are automatically recorded with the bookkeeping software and synced with the same.

5. Shopify payments

Shopify is highly recommended for pop-up shops such as jewelry, clothes, art, or setting up kiosks or booths. Shopify payment is a lineage of the service of letting the users sell their wares online. Shopify’s robust mobile application, card readers, and online store make it convenient to sell the products and process and accept payments on the go and as per the customer’s needs and requirements.

The rates of Shopify payments are comparatively higher as compared to other card readers. But for occasional in-person sales, it is simple and a good choice of investment. The upgraded plans are significantly affordable.

Shopify is a compatible credit card scanner android, iOS, and many other devices. It accepts payments through all major credit and debit cards. The customer support of Shopify Payments is very strong and available all day round.

6. Pay Anywhere

This credit card reader for tablets, Android, and other devices is the least expensive one. The transaction fees are the lowest and the funding is done the very next day. The user gets a free credit card reader while there are no monthly subscription fees. Pay as you Go package charges per-transaction fees.

credit card reader for tablet

The mPOS services by Pay Anywhere App include online resources, customer purchase reporting, inventory management, personalized receipts, multilingual 24 by 7 customer support.

7. Quickbooks Payment

Quickbooks Payments is highly recommended for Quickbook users as it syncs the payment data with the accounting software. There is a flat processing rate for the pay-as-you-go plans. The company does not make any long-term contract for the use of the services.

portable credit card reader

The mobile applications integrated with Quickbooks Payment are free to use for Android Phones and tablets. With the registration, a Magstripe Card Reader and Quickbooks chip are provided free of cost. The rates of Quickbook payments are comparatively cheaper.

8. Payment Depot Mobile

This credit card reader is mostly meant for wholesale businesses with a huge range of merchant services. The Mobile plan contains access to the SwipeSimple application that is made by CardFlight.

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credit card reader for small business

The SwipeSimple app along with a mobile credit card reader provides essential mobile POS features, virtual terminal, intermediate inventory, customer database, etc. However, there is no additional cost for the same.

9. Clover Go

The Android-friendly Clover Go application is the best choice for mobile point of sale services. Clover Go card readers are a bit expensive but the processing rates are highly affordable.

The developers provide their own merchant account as well with the same. The unique feature offered by this card reader is that it syncs sales from all other clover devices.

10. Stripe Credit Card reader

One more credit card reader for android is a quick and fast means to accept payment with the ChargeStripe application. It is highly compatible with all Android devices such as Pixel, One Plus, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Very flexible with the business needs the card reader is secure with security features and encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I scan my credit card on Android?

  • Browse to the billing section and add the payment method.
  • Select the payment method as a card and click on the camera.
  • Hold the camera on the credit card.
  • This will enable scanning the card and even read the numbers and expiration date.

Q2. What is the best mobile credit card reader?

There are numerous credit card reader available in the market to choose according to the business requirements and consumers needs. However, Square reader and PayPal here top the list.

Q3. How can I accept credit card payments on my Android Phone?

  • Open the merchant account with the payment processing order.
  • Download the mobile payment application.
  • Pair the Android credit card reader that is certified.
  • Dip, swipe, or tap the customer’s credit card, and the sale is completed.

Q4. What is the best credit card reader for a small business?

Square is believed to be the best credit card reader for small business needs. However, if you’re looking for Square Alternatives, you can check the hyperlinked post.


The market is full of credit card reader for android and most of them provide basic as well as advanced features. But the one that suits your business requirements and needs is the best one. Be it credit card reader for small business, or a portable credit card reader, no matter what your requirement is, we’ve mentioned the best 10 credit card reader for phone that will fulfill your requirement.

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