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Millions of paid apps for free are available on the internet. These Android applications can be downloaded for free or for some you have to pay for use. It is observed that many times the user wants to download useful and beneficial apps but then they are chargeable. However, there are tips and tricks wherein you can download applications free of cost and also paid apps for the free android market.

Ways To Download Paid Apps For Free

There are a number of ways on how to download paid apps for free android on any of the smartphones. Also, you don’t need to have a Google Play store or even root is not needed.

Following are the various apps:

1. AppVN Application

The popular and very useful Apk, AppVN is a third-party application and is used to download paid apps for free apk. It has some performance problems but does not require root to download the applications. For downloading the free apps:

  • At the inception download and install AppVN on the phone or any device. It does not require you to root your device and neither any software is needed
  • Once the installation is complete, open the AppVN
  • Browse through the menu for clicking on settings and change the language to English
  • Open the Google Play store by signing in to your Google account
  • You can easily find your favorite application from this and download and use it

2. Blackmart

This is another third-party application and a very popular one to get any app for free. Another unique feature of this is that you can also upload any app free of cost in the market. To use Blackmart, the user can follow the below mentioned steps:

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  • Download and install Blackmart
  • Once the installation is complete, browse through the application
  • In the search box, search for any app you wish to and click on it
  • Install the app for free

3. 4Shared

This application is the biggest and huge collection of android paid apps for free download. Along with the download of paid apps for free the 4Shared has many interesting features such as Video, PC software, Music, Wallpapers, and many other files.

The 4Shared is available for all Android devices and smartphones and provides easy and simple access to all your favorite applications. This is a file hosting website where you can upload all kinds of apps and get different types of hacked paid applications for free.

4. Mobogenie

This is one more popular market app to download paid apps for free android. In fact many other websites vouch for this app through advertisements on it. There are many interesting apps and features such as a Stylish weather widget for monitoring temperature, E-books to read, etc.

It is considered to be one of the popular and best apps to get apps for free android. And the different features and get them without paying a single penny, making it more and more popular.

5. 1Mobile Market

The 1Mobile Market is designed beautifully and has an unlimited number of application which are available for free as well as paid. Whenever the user wants to add a new app, it has to be added manually.

The mobile market is available on Google play store with a different version and restricted access to free applications. This helps to adhere to Google Play’s terms and conditions.

6. 9Apps

9Apps is a very good platform on UC browser to acquire paid apps for free android apk. A number of games, features, and several freeware can be downloaded on any Android device. For getting the applications for free follow the below mentioned steps:

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  • At the inception download the 9Apps Apk file on your device
  • Once the installation is complete, there are lots of the latest versions of paid games and applications for free to download
  • Search for the paid application in the search box which you wish to download
  • Once you find the app, click on download and install the app

7. GetAPK

GetAPK is one of the wonderful platforms for downloading those premium apps which are not affordable by all without paying any cost. The most unique feature of this market is that you can download the old version of any application whenever required.

Getting applications from GetAPK is very simple and easy. All you have to do is search the required paid app in the search box to get any app for free. When the search is complete, tap on the Get Button. A white page gets opened in the default browser. This implies that the app has not yet started working.

Open the app by clicking on the Open in Browser button from the top right corner. The link gets opened in the Android browser and the file starts downloading automatically.

8. is believed to be one of the most beautifully designed websites. All the most trending and latest Apk files are available for download and that too without any cost. Thus there is no expenditure for buying, purchasing, or downloading any of the applications.

This website has a huge collection of .apk files for decades. Therefore it is rightly termed as storage or repository for useful and beneficial android .apks

9. is a wonderful market which has a huge collection of all types of genre, games, applications, videos and lot more. All these games and other freeware form a very good collection to choose from.

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The applications can be searched category wise and can be found easily. All the premium applications that are to be paid can also be downloaded for free.

10. is a collection of more than 1500 apk files through the website. It is a portal or a platform for fully functional applications. These applications are a collection of useful android .apks. There are so many old and new apk files that it is called a repository of applications.

11. Aptoide

Aptoide is stated to be the best Google Play alternative method. It is a huge collection of paid apps that can be downloaded free of cost. The android applications are not hosted by this app but other users can upload applications. The most important part of this application is that all the applications that are available on this app are secure, safe, and do not contain malicious code.

This is so because the developers believe that before displaying any app it should be thoroughly verified. The app contains many such apps which are actually deleted or banned by Google Play Store. Aptoide can be browsed in many different languages

Final Thoughts

There are innumerable paid apps for a free android market that can be downloaded and installed from the internet. All you have to know is what is your requirement. There are some apps that are illegal to use but somehow are hacked and used to solve the purpose.

The premium apps are too costly to be afforded by all. So if the user wants to use the features of such apps they resort to downloading them for free. These applications can be legitimately downloaded for free and installed and used for their unique features.

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