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friendly's breakfast hours
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Friendly’s is a casual chain in the United States and is popular for ice cream and dinner style menu. The restaurant was opened in 1935 by the brothers Curtis and Prestley Blake. At friendly’s times friendly’s breakfast hours or when it was at its peak, it had been serving to the consumers through almost 850 outlets all over the place.

History – Friendly’s Times

Way back in 1935 the chain of the restaurant was simply called Friendly and was built in premises for rejuvenating a friendly- family dining experience. The lengthy ice-cream list, the delicious menu of sandwiches, burgers, and many more, and more of the dinner-style atmosphere lure the customers.

The Blake brothers started with their venture with a highly noble cause of uplifting the spirits of people in Springfield, Massachusetts. The only mission at that time of the business was to create a friendly neighborhood business.

With the most customer demand, the blake brothers added a Friendly burger and elaborate ice cream items to the store. In the decades to come, Friendly chain has been expanded and had its restaurants set up across the northeastern United States, Midwest, and Mid Atlantic while its headquarters shifted from Springfield to Wilbraham.

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours

Breakfast being the first meal of the day should always be the exorbitant one. Along with being exotic, it should also be nutritious and healthy. Friendly’s breakfast hours differ from location to location and restaurant to restaurant.

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friendly's lunch hours

Though the chain of restaurants of friendly’s does not serve breakfast all day long, they do serve pancakes and French toast all through the day. These items are served from all the weekdays including Sundays and holidays. On Sundays and holidays, friendly’s breakfast times get extended to 12 AM.

What time does Friendly’s start serving Breakfast?

All the chain of restaurants starts serving the breakfast as per the location and the convenience of customers. The normal breakfast hours at friendly’s start at 7. 00 AM in the morning. The timings remain the same for all the days of the week including Sunday and Holidays. The timing is such that the customers can have plenty of time to get ready before breakfast. Also, the staff of the restaurant gets ample time for  the preparation of friendly’s lunch hours.

What time does Friendly’s stop serving Breakfast?

friendly's breakfast hours

The Friendly’s chain of restaurants may start serving as per the location and convenience of the customers. But friendly’s closing time for serving the breakfast at 11.00 AM from Monday to Saturdays. On Sundays and holidays, the restaurant closes at 12.00 in the afternoon. It should be always kept in mind that the pancakes and the French toast are served all through the day. And even if you miss it today, there is always a tomorrow. The Friendly’s restaurant has a very welcoming ambiance, co-operative staff, and delicious food for serving every day.

Friendly’s Hours Of Operation

It is very convenient and simple to find friendly’s hours of operation and the location of the nearest restaurant. Follow some steps and find your favorite restaurant to satiate the food and ice cream requirements:

  • Visit the official website of the restaurant and click on Locate tab.
  • On the left pane enter the city name or zip code.
  • You can also select options and features such as online ordering, delivery, or drive-through. Though this is optional it adds convenience to the restaurant.
  • Press enter or you can also click on the magnifying glass.
  • When you click on the open tab you get all the details and information of the restaurant including phone number, address, and Friendly’s breakfast time, and other operation hours.
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FAQ – Friendly’s Breakfast Times

  • Do friendly’s serve breakfast all day?

No Friendly’s do not serve breakfast all day except for toast and pancakes

  • When does friendly’s stop serving breakfast?

Friendly’s stop serving breakfast at 11.00 AM on Monday to Saturday and 12.00 in the afternoon on Sundays and holidays

  • What time does friendly’s serve breakfast?

Friendly’s serve breakfast until 12 in the afternoon

  • Does friendly’s serve breakfast?

Though this restaurant started as an ice cream parlor, it started adding a menu of breakfast eventually

  • What time does friendly’s serve lunch?

Friendly’s start serving lunch at 11.30 AM in most of its outlets

  • How late does friendly’s serve breakfast?

Friendly’s serve breakfast last until 12 in the afternoon on Sundays and Holidays

  • What are friendly’s breakfast hours?

From Monday to Saturday the breakfast hours are 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM while on Sundays and holidays it gets extended up to 12 in the afternoon

  • What time does friendly’s serve breakfast?

The breakfast is served between 7.00 AM to 11.00 Am at Friendly’s

  • Is friendly’s open on thanksgiving?

Yes Friendly’s is open on thanksgiving

  • When does friendly’s serve lunch?

Friendly’s serve lunch after wrapping up the breakfast hours

  • What time does breakfast end at friendly’s?

The breakfast end at 11.00 Am at all the restaurants and chains of Friendly’s

  • How long does friendly’s serve breakfast?

Friendly’s serve breakfast for 4 hours


In the article above, we’ve tried to explain everything related to friendly’s breakfast hours, friendly’s lunch hours, friendly’s breakfast all day as well as friendly’s closing time. So if you are craving ice cream or the scrumptious food menu just find the nearest Friendly’s restaurant and hop in to enjoy the food.

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