How to duplicate a page in Word

Microsoft Word is ostensibly the best word processor accessible for not exclusively Microsoft’s line of Windows Operating Systems yet additionally for a variety of other PC and portable Operating Systems. There is a ton you can do in a Word record as Microsoft Word furnishes clients with a greater number of choices and elements than essentially some other word processor out there. While working with an archive on Microsoft Word, it is completely an option for you to copy a whole page from the record and make a duplicate of it

Assuming you’re chipping away at a report in Microsoft Word, you might need to duplicate a page to reuse in a similar archive with just slight changes. This is helpful assuming you’re making a layout. Then again, you might need to duplicate a page from your present report to use in another one which is advantageous for business records.

In any case, copying a page can be an enormous efficient device whether you make changes subsequent to duplicating it or leaving it with no guarantees.

While Word doesn’t offer an implicit component to copy a page, you can in any case achieve this undertaking in not more than minutes. We’ll tell you the best way to duplicate a page in a similar archive and over to another one.

How to Duplicate a Single Page in Word

Whenever you need to copy one page in Microsoft Word and spot it someplace in a similar record or another report, utilize this reorder cycle:

  • Utilizing the mouse, feature all of the text on the page you need to copy or Press Ctrl + A or
  • Click Select > Select All from the strip on the Home tab.
  • Press Ctrl+C to duplicate the featured text on the page.
  • Select Insert > Blank Page. This will add a clear page to the furthest limit of your Word report.
  • Presently, place the cursor in the report where you need the copied page to go. For instance, on the off chance that you need the copied page to turn into the second page of the archive, place the mouse cursor at the highest point of the subsequent page and press Ctrl+V to glue the page. This will embed the copied page into the second page of the report, and push the second page over to the third page.

How to Duplicate a Page in Word Using Macros

Assuming you want to copy beyond one page in Word, you can computerize the interaction by making a large scale in Word.

  • With the word archive containing the page you need to copy open, select View > Macros > View Macros.
  • In the Macros window, type the name of the full scale and select Create.
  • In the code window, glue the accompanying code:

Page = InputBox(“Enter the Page to Duplicate”)

Count = InputBox(“Enter Number of times to copy”)

With Selection

.GoTo wdGoToPage, wdGoToAbsolute, Page


For I = 1 To Count: .Paste: Next

End With

  • Select the save symbol and close the code window. Back in the report window, select View > Macro > View Macros.
  • In the Macros window, select Run to start the full scale.

The content will ask what page to copy, and how frequently to copy it.
This content will copy the page you’ve chosen the times you’ve chosen. The copy pages will be annexed toward the finish of the archive.

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