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Firestick is a very tiny instrument that lets you do binge-watching and stream videos, programs, and other streams. And on one occasion you suddenly realize that you have lost firestick remote that too when you were looking forward to watching your favorite show. But now this is not a big issue. Even if you have forgot firestick remote you can still operate it in other ways and means on how to use firestick without the remote.

Finding lost Firestick remote

Users of Roku TV are so used to finding the remote just by a click. There is a button installed in the application and when you click the same, the remote makes a noise. And this noise continues until the remote is found and you stop it manually. But then the latest firestick does not have this facility.

Lost Firestick Remote no WiFi

To find the lost amazon fire stick remote you have to twist and turn the furniture and the mattress or may be the last you remember you have kept it at the place. And if you don’t have luck in finding it, then probably you would want to buy a new one or use the older one if it’s available to you.

Means To Control Firestick Without Remote

When you have lost the remote and unable to make available another one, then don’t dishearten. There are other ways through which the Firestick can be easily controlled even without a remote. This can be done in two ways namely through remote application and through using a mouse or keyboard.

1. Controlling Firestick with Phone

FireTV can be controlled using a remote application. This is more convenient as it is the official application of Amazon. Google Play Store and Apple store both support this application.

lost firestick remote

To control Firestick with Phone follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In the search box of the play store or the Apple store search for Amazon Fire TV. Click on the first displayed result app and click on the install button. According to your internet speed, the download will take place automatically.
  • After the successful download and installation, launch the application. Sign in the same with your Amazon account. It should be noted that the same credentials that you use for your Fire TV should be used here.
  • Once you have logged in to the application, connect to the same WiFi as that of the Firestick.
  • When the Wifi is connected, in the drop-down list you will see the Fire TV.
  • When you click on the displaying Fire TV, a four-digit code appears on the TV. Type the code with the help of your mobile phone to pair the two devices.
  • Once the code is entered the Fire Tv is successfully paired with your device and now you are able to navigate between different places through the empty space.
  • Opening any of the applications is as simple as just tapping on the center of the empty space.
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Once the pairing is done, you may find the list of installed applications with a mic icon. This mic icon represents Alexa voice assistant. Click on the settings menu and change the same for your convenience to operate as the physical remote.

2. Using Mouse or keyboard

I have lost my firestick remote and the battery of my phone is also drained off. Or may be I have to use my phone for some other work such as calling or messaging, then, in that case, I can also use a mouse or keyboard for operating the Fire Tv.

While using a Mouse or keyboard it is recommended that use an application or web browser that supports the remote control. The reason being Firestick is Android-based and several apps support it. So it is easier to connect to a mouse or keyboard.

Connect to the mobile app first even if you want to find your lost firestick tv remote with the use of a mouse or keyboard.

Step by step guide is as follows:

  • Once, the mobile application is successfully connected, open the home screen on Fire Tv.
  • Move the menu with the help of navigation and select settings from it.
  • Under the settings open the Controllers and Bluetooth.
  • Open Other Bluetooth devices and under that tap on Add new Bluetooth device.
  • With the help of a mouse or keyboard click on the Pair button. The system will start searching for the connection automatically.
  • When the name of the nearby connection gets displayed on the screen. Select the same to pair it.
  • Within few seconds the keyboard or the mouse is paired and the connection notification pops up on the Tv as well as on Keyboard through LED lights.
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Rii i8 + Mini Bluetooth touchpad and Qwerty Keyboard is highly recommended for the fire Tv users when you have to use it instead of a lost fire tv remote.

3. Connecting WiFi Without Firestick Remote

I lost my firestick remote and I am also away from the home network or using some other one. Then pairing the remote application with a firestick becomes a tedious job. But if you have the following essentials then it becomes simple to connect to the old WiFi network:

  • WiFi Name and Password of the home network WiFi.
  • 2 numbers of Mobile Phones or even one phone and a PC would do. But it should be Android.

Now, it is very simple to connect to the desired WiFi network with the below mentioned steps:

  • Create a hotspot on all the devices. Change the name and password of the hotspot to the old name and password.
  • After changing the credentials, turn the hotspot on.
  • Connect to the network with the second device.
  • Open the Play store to download Firestick Remote Application.
  • After the successful download and installation, sign in with the account you are already using for Firestick.
  • Now turn on the TV, Wifi will be automatically connected.
  • The Fire TV now gets displayed on the mobile application.
  • Click on the name that gets displayed and enter the code that appears on the TV.

This completes the pairing of the devices and the mobile acts as a remote control. But it is to be noted that, this procedure works only when you remember the old WiFi credentials.

4. Purchasing New Remote

However, when none of the solutions works, the last resort for any user would be to purchase a new remote. You don’t have to buy a new Firestick remote. Any CEC-enabled remote would work for it.

Also, there are many local brands also available. It is also to be noted that if you have older versions then you can buy any local brand of the remote. But when you have the latest versions then the remote has features such as Alexa, Volume Controls, etc. And so you need appropriate and supporting remotely.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What do I do if I lost my Firestick remote?

If you lose your firestick at home, then you can easily use your smartphone to navigate and control the firestick. There are some other ways also such as using the keyboard or the mouse. And also when you are on some other network still you can operate the Firestick with the Wifi network.

  • How can I control my FireTV without a remote?
  • Download the Amazon Fire TV application for iOS or Android.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app.
  • Ensure that both the firestick and the phone should be connected to the same network.
  • Select the desired Fire Tv.
  • Enter the code and the Tv and phone get paired and work successfully.

Q2. Can Fire TV locate remote?

Yes, the latest versions of Firestick do come with the provisions of a tracking facility

Q3. Can you replace a lost Firestick remote?

Unplug the Firestick power and plug it back in. Hold on to the Home button, on the Firestick remote replacement for around 60 seconds. The new remote control replacement is ready whenever you lose the original one.

Q4. How to reset Amazon Firestick without remote?

  • Navigate through the menu that displays on the screen.
  • Browse through the settings.
  • Scroll through the settings and select Fire Tv.
  • Reset to factory defaults.

Q5. How to find a lost Firestick remote?

Install the Fire TV app from the app store or Play store. Once the download and the installation are successfully done, launch it from the app drawer. If the device and the firestick remote are on the same network, then the firestick pops up automatically on the application without even signing in.


Every solution, way, and means on how to find a lost firestick remote has its own prescribed requirements. So instead of purchasing a new remote try the means. This would save you money as well as time.

But if nothing works, then purchasing a new and appropriate Firestick remote. But it is essential to buy a remote that supports the Firestick because if the remote does not work then Firestick becomes useless and non-functional.

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