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McDonald’s wifi login
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McDonald’s can be defined as a wonderful place for relaxation, having some time for yourself, and enjoying tastier, juicier, and hotter food. Up till January 2010, WiFi at McDonald’s was chargeable. But after that, the food experience has become fantastic with high-speed McDonald’s free WiFi access available at your fingertips. McDonald’s WiFi login is very convenient and in this article we’ll tell you how you can connect to McDonald’s WiFi.

McDonald’s Free WiFi Connections

McDonald’s wifi password

McDonald’s free WiFi Connections have some specific characteristics such as:

  • 58 Mbps downloading speed
  • 14 Mbps uploading speed
  • 27 millisecond unloaded latency
  • 517 millisecond loaded latency

These characteristics assure you have uninterrupted entertainment while you enjoy the yummilicious food.

WiFi Network Filters

The McDonalds free Wifi is a family oriented network and so is filtered for dangerous and inappropriate content. Therefore whenever such websites are accessed it is blocked. It includes pornography, some file download websites, Media or BitTorrent piracy services, malicious websites. However, there are some websites that conduct online business, provide movies or news accessed through VPN link or cloud service that is easily accessible.

Benefits of McDonald’s Free WiFi

McDonald’s wifi connect is one of the largest networks that provide Wifi access to its customers and can be connected to any device. The major advantages that the customers derive from this network are as follows:

1. Fast

The speed is the greatest attribute of McDonald’s WiFi. For the high-performance network connect to McDonald’s WiFi every time you visit the same. Also, the unique feature that this network provides is that it remembers your device for the next 30 days once you connect. So every time you visit the place within this time span, your device gets automatically connected.

2. Free

This high-speed network does not have any burden on your pockets. The consumers receive up to 250 MB or 60 minutes of network access within one calendar day in any of the participating McDonald’s stores.

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3. Largest Network

Normally the McDonald’s network is always tied up with the best network of that particular country to provide endless downloading and streaming.

Security On Free WiFi

The only point that should be kept in mind is that when you are connect to McDonald’s Wifi you get automatically connected to other devices that may cause threats and may be dangerous. To protect your device, whenever you connect to the public Wifi follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Let your device be installed with efficient antivirus software.
  • Always connect to the network through a VPN service.
  • Avoid as much as possible to log in to bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Always visit encrypted websites. Such websites can be identified as they start with HTTPS.

McDonald’s WiFi Connect Button -McDonald’s WiFi Login

Signing into McDonald’s Wifi page is very simple, convenient, and easy. The following steps can be followed to do the same:

  1. Whenever you are in the range of McDonald’s Wifi, simply search for the available network on your device.
  2. Once the McDonald’s Wifi is visible, select the same and click on McDonald’s wifi connect button.
  3. Search for any webpage in any of the internet browsers. This step would redirect you to the McDonald’s wifi login page.
  4. When you click on the “Get Connected” button, certain terms and conditions are displayed which need to be accepted for access to the network.
  5. After accepting the terms and conditions, You are connected to the McDonald’s free Wifi and can enjoy its high-speed performance.

McDonald’s Wifi Access – Connect To McDonald’s WiFi

It is very easy to find the McDonald’s Wifi access through the McDonald’s Restaurant locator. When you try to find the restaurants nearby you on any of the websites, you can find a list of McDonald’s restaurants nearby in the specific city. Then just browse through the services and confirm which of the restaurants has free access to Wifi. But before heading to the restaurant confirm its operating hours to avoid any inconvenience.

Connect To McDonald’s WiFi – McDonald’s WiFi Connect

McDonald’s wifi connect

The users can connect to the network without any McDonald’s wifi password. It is accessible on any device and very simple to start with. One can connect to this network through iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows PC.

Connecting through iPhone

  •  Click on the gear icon on the home screen or the settings button
  • Tap Wifi
  • Then select McDonald’s Wifi from the list of available networks
  • Open the mobile browser where you are redirected to the landing page of McDonald’s Free Wifi.
  • Agree to the terms of service and enjoy the free internet access
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Connecting through Android Phone

  • Click on the square icon at the bottom of the home screen of the phone
  • Click on Wifi options from the settings menu
  • Tap on Network and Internet
  • Then click on Wifi which displays the list of all the available networks
  • Select McDonald’s Wifi from the list available
  • Open the mobile browser
  • Click on Get connected button which will redirect you to the landing page
  • You also need to accept the terms and conditions to start using the internet

Connecting through Mac

  • Click on the Wifi icon on the top right of the status bar
  • Select the McDonald’s Wifi from the available list
  • Open any of the internet browsers
  • Then click on Get connected button which opens the McDonald landing page
  • Accept the terms of services to use the internet access

Connecting through Windows PC

  • The WiFi option is available on the top right of the Status Menu Bar
  • Select the McDonalds free Wifi network from the list that appears
  • Open any of the internet browsers
  • Click on Get connected button and accept the terms of services
  • Accepting the same will give you access to the internet

Connecting through Wayport

Also known as AT&T McDonald’s WiFi sign is high-speed access.

  • Scan your device for the available network through the Wayport_access extension
  • Select the same and click on connect
  • Open any internet browsers and accept the terms and conditions
  • Accepting the same helps you to access the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonald’s wifi connect button
  1. How do you use McDonald’s WiFi?

McDonald’s provides free Wifi to be accessible when in the store. Just login and accept the terms of service and enjoy the unlimited data

  1. How do I connect to McDonald’s wifi?

When in the range connect to McDonald’s WiFi Wayport_Access wireless network. Browse to any web page to accept the terms and conditions and then you have an access to use any of the websites

  1. Why is McDonald’s WiFi so bad?

McDonald’s WiFi is not that bad, it is slow as there are many users using it constantly and at the same time

  1. How do I accept terms and conditions for McDonald’s WiFi?
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After connecting to the McDonalds Wifi, open any of the browsers and you will be redirected to the landing page of the McDonalds free WiFi. Here you will have to accept the terms and conditions

  1. Does McDonald’s WiFi work outside?

Yes if you are in the range of the restaurant, you need not enter it. The internet gets pulled to the device even when you are out

  1. Do I Need a McDonald’s Login to Sign in to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, you do not need any login but you have to accept the terms of services

  1. Do All McDonald’s Have Free Wi-Fi?

It being a franchise business, only the participating McDonald’s restaurants have free WiFi. It depends upon the restaurant’s terms of services and the owner if a free network is provided. This can be checked from the services the particular restaurant provides.

  1. How Fast is McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

McDonald’s WiFi is believed to be very fast. However, sometimes it does have a problem when there are a lot of users using it at the same time

  1. Who Provides McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

AT & T provides hotspots in the McDonald’s restaurant. Also, the participating restaurants may have tie-ups with the local networks sometimes

  1. When Did McDonald’s Free WiFi Start?

McDonald’s Free Wifi started on 15th January 2010 in the participating restaurants

  1. I’m Having Trouble Connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, what to do?

Check with the restaurant manager for network issues or there may be some connection and technical issues as well

  1. Why is McDonald’s wifi not working

Sometimes it may be due to network issues that the McDonalds Wifi is not working.


The world is on the path of multi-tasking, lunch, work, and play all go together. By connecting to McDonald’s free WiFi you work a little extra while having that additional bite. McDonald’s WiFI connect is preferred and recommended by users due to its special characteristics such as easily accessible, user-friendly, and free of cost. Also, the network providers assure about the security guarantee and the network can be accessed through any device

In the article above, we’ve covered everything from how you can connect to McDonald’s WiFi to McDonald’s WiFi login as well as McDonald’s WiFi password. If you still have any questions or doubts, please comment below and let us know.

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