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Procreate is a drawing app that allows the user to draw or create art or paint on iPads. It is an exclusive provided by the Apple store for the sake of their users and Procreate for windows isn’t available at the moment. It offers several distinct features which make the user more comfortable and attractive. People of all ages can use it – kids can exhibit their creativity, engineers can use this in their work, etc., and many more. 

Besides all these advantages, procreate how few limitations. For example, it is a paid app that doesn’t provide any free trial. It works only on Apple store gadgets like pads etc. Procreate for Windows 10 is not available, and it cannot be downloaded directly to the PC. Let us explore more about the features of procreating for Windows 10, downloading procedure, and the alternatives available to use these features on windows and android devices 

Features of Procreate Windows 10

Procreate for Windows 10

The Procreate app is one of the best drawing apps, which offers several features like nearly 100 undo and redo options, a vast set of precious, excellent filtering options, layer blending, Autosaving the camera strokes, etc. All these features make the procreate a favorite artistic app for everyone. Some of the significant features of Procreate on windows are – 

  • Brush Studio is the unique feature of Procreate windows. The brush studio acts as a repository that has hundreds of individual brushes. Also, another flexibility of this brush studio is the user can create his own set based on his creativity.
  • The Procreate for PC has another exciting feature which is the complete control of color. Color control refers to a set of controlling options of a single color. It includes color harmony, color history, color gesture, color preview, color dynamics, etc. One can choose the exact color as per his requirement and set the best companions for that particular color.
  • Another groundbreaking feature of Procreate for windows ten 8s quick shape. It is the main aim of any art. Whenever the artist touches the mouse or pencil icon, immediately it gives a desired shape within no time with the smooth finishing at the edges also.
  • The Procreate for PC is designed with the technology of a touch user interface. This helps iOS users to work quickly and interestingly. The touch of fingertips can do many functions and get the task in less time. That’s the reason Android users can download the Procreate for Windows 10 using the emulator.
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These are the various unique features of the procreate app. By utilizing these features and their benefits, the iOS users and Mac users can improve their creativity which increases productivity too.

Download Procreate for Windows 10

As the procreate for Windows 10 is not available directly through the official link, we need to install and download the breed for PC using an emulator. The iOS users and Mac users don’t require any emulators. They can directly download the procreate app through the official website. Let’s see the steps involved in the Procreate for Windows 10 free download process.

  • The first and foremost step is to install the emulator software. It should be reliable and trustworthy. Among all the emulator software, Oracle VirtualBox and VMware are well-known and worthy emulators. But there is no mandatory use of these.
  • Extract and run the iOS image easily using any of the emulators. Now emulate all the environment. Then the user needs to open the Apple store.
  • After opening the Apple store, the user needs to search for the Procreate app after locating the Procreate app, then click on the install and download button. It will download the procreate app for Windows 10.
  • Then the user can see the procreate app on the PC screen. By following a few screen directions, the user can avail of the benefits of the  Procreate for Windows 10.

These are the steps involved in the downloading process of the Procreate on Windows.

Alternatives Of Procreate On Windows

In this digital world, technology keeps on upgrading daily. This created several innovations and discoveries that also came into existence. Even though procreate is the champion of all other drawing apps, it is restricted to iOS users and Mac users.

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Procreate On Windows

To remedy this, advanced technology has designed various alternative drawing apps. These can act very near to the procreate app for Windows and provide most of the similar features. Some of those alternatives are as follows- 

These are the few alternative apps of Procreate on Windows. These are easily accessible on Windows 10, 7,8.1, android devices, etc. Every app has its significance. They have few limitations along with merits. The compatibility may also vary. But all these alternatives can’t beat the Procreate app. That’s the reason windows users use an emulator software to download it and to enjoy the features on windows for free of cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to get the procreate on windows?

The procreate app is exclusive designed for iOS users and Mac users. So one cannot directly get the  Procreate on windows. But several alternatives are available in the market, which has similarities to that of the procreate app.

Q2. How to get the Procreate for free?

Even though the Procreate app is a paid app, it can be downloaded for free and can enjoy the same features on Windows 10, also using the emulator software. The emulators may be either VMware or Oracle VirtualBox Manager.

Q3. Is procreate free on Windows?

Yes. Downloading and installing the procreate app is entirely accessible on Windows. But we cannot install it directly through the official website. Using emulator software, the user can download it for free.

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Q4. How do I download the Procreate on Windows?

You can download the Procreate on Windows using the emulator software. The downloading process involves a few simple steps. The installation of Procreate on Windows is just a cakewalk.


Hence the Procreate on Windows is an excellent sketching app that is a hot cake for artists. Even though it is a paid version, all the iOS users and Mark users enjoy its unique features. It has a repository of brushes, strokes, several undo and redo options. Even though it has several alternatives, it stood best among all. What to wait for? Just install it on windows 10,7,8.1 etc., and start expressing your creativity.

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