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Square has been a leading POS system in the US, Canada and UK since a long time. However, due to various issues like accounts getting cancelled and funds being frozen up, people have been looking for Square alternatives.

Additionally, over the years, a lot of POS systems and Square competitors have come up in the market with better transaction fees as well as features. As the number of options have increased, the confusion regarding choosing a POS system has increased for the customers.

In order to resolve the confusion, we’ve created a list of best alternatives to square. All of the services mentioned in the list excel in some or the other specific aspects of a POS system. So it’s you who has to decide which out of these services will be suitable for you and your business.

However, before moving on to the list, let us have a look at Square drawbacks and the reasons why you should be looking for a Square alternative in the first place.

Square Drawbacks – Why Go For Sqaure Alternatives?

square alternatives

Before telling you which Square competitors are good, we must first tell you the reasons that led people to look for sites similar to Square. Each of the alternatives has tried to overcome one or more of the Square drawbacks that people have been facing.

Here are some of the most common drawbacks or issues with Square:-

Not Ideal for Big Businesses or Companies

There’s no doubt about Square’s transaction fees being on a higher end as compared to other POS systems. Square charges around 2.9% + 30 cents for each invoice paid or online sale. Now this fee wouldn’t feel much when you’re a small or medium sized business. However, when it comes to big companies or businesses making huge transactions, this fees makes up a huge sum of money and this is the reason why big companies have started shifting to other POS systems.

Weak Customer Support

Customer support has not been a strong aspect for Square since they begun. Customers have been complaining regarding their slow customer support and the delayed responses from them over the years. The company has been working on improving the support and has gotten better with time.

Account Stability Issues

Users have reported frozen funds and account cancellation issues over the years. At times when the company feels something suspicious, it tends to freeze the funds without much warning or a little warning. Although, these steps are taken to ensure the accounts’ safety, the users haven’t been happy about it.

Best Square Alternatives, Competitors 2021

By now, you might be aware of the drawbacks related to Square or might have a reason of your own to change your POS system. Whatever might be the reason, this list below will help you decide which POS system should you go for.

1. PayPal Here

PayPal here is exactly similar to square and integrates retail management tools and payment processing. This POS is most recommended for business organizations that receive money from tablets or smartphones from anywhere in the world. This POS is the most trusted, quick, and simple option for payment solutions.

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It is a versatile POS and accepts payments through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal credits, Venmo, Paypal account. If the PayPal button is installed on the website, online payment can be received.

square alternatives

PayPal Here is as simple to use as downloading the application, signing up in a business account, and ordering a free card reader. The business account has all the basic attributes such as staff and customer management tools, inventory tracking, etc. The reports and dashboards provide specifically customized sales and performance analysis.

The POS is known for the out of the box solutions and efficiency tested to manage and process payments from any location and any device and has very fast access to sales revenue. The customer support system of PayPal Here includes phone support, in-app help, live chat, help centers.

2. Stripe Payments

Stripe payments belong to the family of web-based solutions for Point of Sale (POS) solutions. The best part of it is that it integrates even with the existing applications and websites. This POS is an alternative to square and is best suited for business organizations that want to be capable of controlling the end to end customer’s purchasing journey.

similar to square

However, it is essential to be a technocrat in web development and an expert in coding when one has to use Stripe Payments. It contains an embedded checkout which can also be customized and branded according to the precise specifications.

Stripe is a bundle of the package with pre-built integrations and can be used by website builders, CRM, for sales management or inventory management.

The fee for stripe is minimal and is more beneficial when you want to use it for a number of small payments.

3. ShopKeep

A square alternative ShopKeep is another POS for food services and retail businesses. Shopkeep is very simple to use through one single dashboard for inventory management, customer, or sales. The inventory management feature by this POS is very simple for automatic restocking and easier viewing.

The register function is another well thought out function that provides advanced attributes but in a very simple and user-friendly interface. In fact the customers are able to get all the required tools one needs for efficient working of a restaurant or a store without any complex processes.

square alternatives

The pricing of shopkeep varies with the volume of business along with other relevant factors. But the company has the policy to give the software free of cost for a single location, register or staff member, or sales turnover less than $ 5000 for a month.

ShopKeep has a lot many facilities for restaurants and small shops and businesses and has an equipped 24/7 customer support through knowledge hub, live chat, text, email, etc.

4. QuickBooks 

The business houses that require a meticulous and systematic bookkeeping system, look for accounting software companies similar to square such as Quickbooks. This is the only POS that is not cloud-based but locally installed and is popular amongst lots of Business organizations. This POS is more preferred by offline organizations rather than eCommerce websites. 

alternatives to square

The system includes robust financial reporting, customer management, inventory management, payment processing, checkout, etc. The system is very simple and easy to be installed.

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Quickbook also has three tier pricing for the one time purchase of a license. Tablets, card readers, and other hardware are to be separately purchased. This POS also offers 30-day free trial, so the users can decide after the free trial to install the system or not.

5. Payanywhere

Payanywhere is one of those powerful systems for all in one payments systems simplified and designed for customers, employees, owners, business houses. Payanywhere is a POS that performs anywhere and on the go. It accepts credit and debit cards and processes payments in the store, online, or even on the job website. The POS does not require any specific devices. But in fact even the customers own devices can be used.

The POS is not only the payment processing system that goes beyond it, to assist in making smarter decisions for your business that saves your time and energy, and efficiency. Being one of the square alternatives getting started with it is also simple and quick. One just needs to create an account with some basic information. Select the plan for payment options according to your needs and requirements. After that select, the hardware you wish to use among the countertop, mobile, or your own device and you are all set to go.

Payanywhere is apt for many kinds of industries such as medical organizations, Health & Beauty, Contractors, Bars, Food Trucks, Quick services, Professional services, and retailers. The Customer support services for this POS is very strong and available all the time as and when required by the consumers.

6. Clover

One of the square alternatives Clover POS is also tailored to satisfy the requirements of the restaurants. Though the sticker price is comparatively higher, yet this POS is highly flexible and customizable. This POS is recommended for restaurants with counter or table services. Besides being a payment processing solution, it has other features as well that simplify the working of the restaurants.

The customer accounts in this POS have all the information about the customers such as loyalty points, allergy information, photos, etc. There are an array of applications from the various POS for managing every function of the business. The pricing of Clover is high and complicated. Also, the customer support is not very strong. Due to the pricing system and no support from the developers, this POS needs a careful examination before finalizing it.

7. SumUp 

An alternative to Square Sumup is the most affordable simple way to get paid off in the business. You get paid for your business every time with a swipe, chip, or card. That means this POS connects to any device including tablets and mobile. It accepts almost all the debit and credit cards of major banks. In a single charge hundreds of transactions are processed through it, which makes it economical and affordable. 

Sumup believes in transparent pricing. Therefore, you need to pay only for what you use. There are no hidden costs, no monthly fees as well as no monthly contract. The payment solutions direct all the funds to your linked bank account within two days of the transaction.

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The setting up of the POS is simple, easy, and quick. All you need to do is pair the card reader with any of the mobile devices, tablet and start transacting with the business.

8. Payment Depot

Similar to Square, Paymentdepot is often stated as the Costco of credit card processing. This POS is a membership based payment processor. The POS is highly affordable and has wholesale pricing. There are no hidden fees and no contracts. A gateway for automatic interchange for securing the lowest possible rates for B2B merchants is possible through Paymentdepot.

This POS is recommended for any kind of business organization that has a facility of accepting credit card payments. The developers do have a free version of the software and also provide a free trial for a particular period. The software supports any desktop such as Linux, Windows, or Mac and also web based, Saas, or cloud.

The customer support of Paymentdepot is very strong and includes discussion forums, Frequently asked questions, phone support, chat services and is available 24 by 7. The payment depot has a wide service such as ACH payment processing, debit or credit card processing, PCI compliances, in-person payment options, analysis, and reporting, electronic signature, subscription or recurring billing.

9. Shopify

Shopify is a major competitor of companies like the square in payment processing and e-commerce. The consumers using online Shopify can simply add Shopify POS to the system of sales. This POS provides powerful financial analytics, employee management tools, customer, inventory, and sales through a single interface.

All the advanced reporting right from analysis of sellers, inventory turnover ratio, etc can be extracted from this POS. This POS tracks sales transactions, reconcile registers, etc.

There are five-tier pricing for the POS and various plans as required by any of the customers. All these plans are well supported with backup plans and 24 by 7 support through chat, email, etc. Also, phone support is very vigilant and active.

10. Vend

Vend is a perfect square alternative as it has a highly user-friendly interface, easy to learn, and faster to use. The POS performs seamlessly with new hardware or even the existing one. The data of the organization can be accessed anywhere and anytime as this software is cloud-based. This POS blends easily with the leaders of the payment providers globally to get paid on the go.

As the business progresses, Vend assists in adding registers and outlets without hampering the performance of the existing ones. The key feature of Vend is to build one cohesive operation that includes reporting, inventory, or POS for multiple outlets.

Ecommerce integration, real-time reporting, and expert advice, and customer support as and when required makes this POS most attractive and wanted by consumers all over the world.


All of the sites mentioned above are very much similar to Square. Most of these Square alternatives are on par with Squarer and some are even better. In the end, it all comes down to what your requirement is and which aspect of a POS system is of utmost importance you. If you have any doubt related to the article or think we’ve missed a POS system in the list, comment below and let us know.

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