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A survey known as the free whopper 2021 is a renowned survey meant for its customers’ experience. This Survey can be accessed at the receipt and, which is the official entrance of this Survey. It acquires honest and accurate feedback from all the Burger King customers, which provides feedback about their buying requirements and other needs.

This is one of the most popular and credible surveys all over the world. This burger king survey has been completed by thousands of people worldwide and rewards have been given to the deserving ones. Backed by burger king, the credibility of this survey cannot be doubted. free whopper 2020

To get the Burger King coupon code or mybkexperience survey free whopper code, you need to complete the satisfaction survey of Burger King. These codes will enable you to enjoy ultimate discounts to enjoy more hamburgers like Free Whooper or the chicken sandwich, etc. 

Burger King is a multinational chain from America. This chain is known for its fast-food restraints of delicious hamburgers. The headquarters of this global chain is located in Florida, Miami-Dade County. James McLamore and David Edgerton brought in this company. 

Requirements of mybkexperience free whoppers 2020 survey:

mybkexperience survey free whopper code

  • The receipt of the Burger King restraint along with survey validation code.
  • Very reliable access to the internet network
  • You must have at least 5 to 10 minutes in hand to get done with this Survey.
  • The presence of a sound laptop, a personal computer, or a tablet is a must.
  • One must have an email id that is authorized and valid as well.
  • The basic knowledge of English or Spanish is necessary too.

Rules and Regulations:

  • you need not purchase anything from the Burger King store or restraint to participate in this Survey.
  • Only the residents of the United States Of America are entitled to this Survey.
  • The age limit for participation is 18 years or above that.
  • One receipt is entitled to a single entry only.
  • The transferring of the prize of mybkexperience free whopper 2020 is not at all permitted.
  • The Survey is not available for the employees of the company of Burger King.

Steps to take the Burger King survey Online survey validation code

Participating in the my experience free whopper 2020 is a straightforward task. You can use the survey validation code to get a free hamburger from the Burger King restaurant. 

  • The process begins by visiting the Burger King site at www.mybkexperience.comOnce the site is reached, a homepage pops up by itself. All you need to do is read the terms and conditions as soon as you get this homepage. Click on continue after being done with reading the terms and conditions. This continuance will act as an acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.
  • You need to select the language in which you want to fill the Survey. Such languages can be either English, or French, or Spanish. The next step is to dial or enter the restaurant number in the space provided, which is mentioned on your receipt.
  • The next step is to enter the survey validation code, to begin with, the Survey. You must make sure that the unexpired survey validation code is not entered. Every receipt gets expired soon after 30 days from the purchase date. Therefore, the code must be utilized before the expiry of such 30 days.
  • The fourth step is to press the Next button after dialing the restraint number and the Survey validation code. This step will begin the Burger King survey.
  • The next step is the most crucial one, as the feedback is to be given in this step only. All you need to do is ponder intensely regarding your visit to the Burger King restaurant. This feedback will enable you to answer the questions about your experience in the survey sheet.
  • The answers must be honest and accurate to the core. The ratings must be as per your overall satisfaction and utility level gained.
  • The next step is to provide your mobile number for the Burger King Survey Sweepstakes entry.
  • The final and the last step is to submit the Survey, and you are done.
  • You will receive a coupon code once the Survey is done. This coupon code can be used to get a free hamburger whopper from coupon code.

If any problems or queries still occur, call the following numbers for assistance. 

Phone numbers: 

  1. 1 866 394 2493
  2. 1 844 576 0456 ( Canadian number)

Guidelines for the Survey:

  • Every receipt gets expired soon after 30 days from the purchase date. Therefore, the code must be utilized before the expiry of such 30 days.
  • You will not be allowed to resume the study with the same code if any mistakes occur during the phase while performing the Survey.
  • The age limit for participation is 18 years or above that.


The steps and other points said above has provided the users with a clear picture to fill the free whopper 2021 survey. If you follow all the above steps in the correct order, you shouldn’t certainly be facing any problem with the survey. However, if you face any problem at any point while taking the burger king survey, you can comment down your query and we’ll try our best to solve it.

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As soon as you fill this Survey, you will get a survey validation code, which will enable you to get free whooper from the burger king store or restaurant. It is the easiest way to get a free coupon and leave a review, which will help the Burger King Company fulfill the customer needs at its best. 


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